What's Path of Maps

The Path of Maps project is a website, and an app (running on Windows), meant to make it as easy as possible to track map runs in Path of Exile (PoE), and see stats about the whole community.

What's a map in PoE?

maps concept description goes here

Windows adventures

This is just a draft list of the things I want to talk about later:

  • first attempt, modifying an existing python script
  • dirty Java app, gave up after an evening, Java is too painful to work with
  • ruby app. happy to work with my fav language, plus I get to use Parslet etc. Using releasy to package it into an executable, or warbler, to produce a jar.
  • desperation. Packaging a ruby app, on mac, and making it work on windows with a simple installer for end users is freaking HARD.
  • Electron app \o/. First time I actually get it working on Windows easily.

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