I have been developing and programming games and apps for the past 4 years. One of the most difficult issues I have faced while pursuing this hobby was trying to finish a game that I had already started. I had developed the tendency to start multiple new games as I came up with new and innovating ideas, and so all of my games were left unfinished. However, the recent Flappy Bird craze in mobile gaming inspired me. The game was extremely simple, yet its difficulty and controls made it addictive and irresistible to play. Because of this, I began to create Path Finder. My goal in developing this game was to establish a simple yet never ending goal where the player inevitably failed. Similar to Flappy Bird, I wanted to make my game playable to all ages yet still retain its appeal. In Path Finder, the player drags a finger across the screen vertically or uses the accelerometer to avoid the colored squares. As the game gets harder the longer you survive, you need quick adaptation and fast reflexes. Creating this game taught me many things. For the first time, I learned to implement an online high scores leaderboard and an achievements board for players around the world to compete against each other. In addition, I used Google's Admob services to create ads in my game. Because I spent so much time adding these features, I am proud that I succeeded in not only finishing the game, but also adding to it with new versions.

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