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Our project was inspired by the dire need for LGBTQ+ friendly health resources, especially digital resources backed up by solid research. We wanted to make an app that addressed the structural inequities in the healthcare system that all but especially LGBTQ+ people face when trying to get access to health education or products. We don't want anyone to have to go through not knowing how to best take care of themselves and their community!

What it does

Welcome to Patchd, the LGBTQ+ community's new health assistant app. 🏥

Soon available for iOS (hopefully! haha), Patchd puts our community first, through two key advancements in ethical technology:

Equitable data exchange 👨🏾‍💻

  • Patchd is the first health platform to pay you for your data! 🤑

  • You'll get paid in Patches, our app's currency, which you can redeem for health-related items in the "Trade" section of our app, or for extra special educational health modules in the "Engage" section of our app! 🔁

  • How do you earn patches? Well, for sharing your data with the Patchd community, of course! But if you don't want to share data at all, that's okay too. ⬇️

  • Patchd also pays you in Patches for completing our educational health modules — and you can earn multiple Patches for a single module if you complete it more than once on four separate days! 🧠

  • With Patchd, you'll be fairly compensated for your data — and you'll always have the option to never share and keep all your data private, stored only on your device. 🔐

Person-centered care 👩🏿‍⚕️

  • Patchd is the first health platform to put the person as a whole first. 👤

  • In our health education modules, we offer only the most inclusive, sex-positive, body-positive, and health-positive content we possibly can. 🥰

  • We also listen to our community: every module page has a "Tea" section, where you can spill it all. Missing sources? Outdated information? Non-inclusive language? Tell us, and we'll address it all sooner than you can say, "Yes, please!" 🫖

  • We put our money where our mouth is — literally! Not only do we pay you in Patches to engage with our health modules, but every health module is also tied to one of the many products available for exchange in the "Trade" section of the Patchd app. Just learned about meditation? Trade 20 Patches in for a yoga mat! The possibilities are endless... 💰

  • We foster community: in the "Commune" section of our app, you'll be "Patchd in" to all the activity on Patchd from across the world! Shy about trying out a module? Nervous about trading in your Patches? Well, wait until you see that four other Patchd community members did just that — and loved it! 💗

Well, what are we waiting for?

Let's download Patchd right now!!! 😤

How we built it

We used Swift to create an iOS app that works on any modern iPhone. We particularly took advantage of the tricky but powerful UICollectionViewCompositionalLayout, and it helped us create a smooth UI experience for the user.

What's next for Patchd

We can't wait to keep building! Plans for the future include the following:

  • Adding accessibility features! We bought an entire book on accessibility for mobile development but barely got a chance to use it this weekend. This is our top priority going forwards! 🌏

  • Finishing some key features that we didn't have time to implement, like the search bar, the sort by category bar, and the product information screen. ⏱

  • Continuing to build out new features! We're no back-end experts, but maybe with a bit of Firebase and a lot of luck, we hope to get this app up and running on the App Store someday! 📱

  • Partnering with health organizations and manufacturers to supply all of the products available on the app at no cost to the user 👜

  • Partnering with health educators, experts, and practitioners to expand our curriculum, especially extra special bonus modules unlockable with your Patches 🧠

  • Using the Refuge Restrooms API to integrate a safe bathroom locator into the app 💜

  • Turning our Patches into a real-life cryptocurrency! 🤑

  • Putting our "Commune" feed on the blockchain! 💻

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