Discovery is right at the heart of building and growing communities. It's always a pleasant experience when you are new in a particular place and all over a sudden, you discover a community of individuals with similar interests and passions like yours.

And as a community builder, you feel good when you see your community growing as new members trickle in.

What it does

This bot addresses this challenge by doing the following (those with an asterisk are not live yet):

  • Group admins or members can go to the bot add their group information for others to discover
  • Users can be able to give their ratings about a particular Facebook group and comments. This can also be good feedback for group admins about how new users or explorers feel about their groups
  • Users can see a listing of all groups based on their search term (group category, location, name, keywords)
  • Over time the bot builds up a knowledge base of the FAQs about a certain group; for future explorers*
  • Spam groups and ratings will be flagged and moderated*

How I built it

  • Build the bot with Node.js
  • Keeping real-time logs for the bot with Firebase
  • Build the backend (API) with Hapi.js and Knex.js libraries (Node.js)

Challenges I ran into

  • Time constrain as usual (would have loved to do more on the product backlog)
  • Had a little blocker with versioning of hapi.js that ate a little of my time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Being able to submit
  • Had fan!

What I learned

  • NLP platform

What's next for Pata Group

  • Market it and test it out with at least 3 cities; to act as pilot
  • Open for pivoting depending on user feedback

Built With

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