Proactive Password Protection is a proactive security monitoring system that makes sure that you are aware of when your email and password (or it's hash) have been made public and posted online by hackers.

Notifications before you can say Yo

It takes PasswordCanary anywhere between 50 seconds to 2 minutes after your email and password have been posted for you to get a notification to your phone via Yo and/or straight to your email inbox.

Huge Volume of Email Address is an online service that handles hundreds of thousands of compromised email address every day that are found in database "dumps" (when the entire contents and structure of a database is downloaded) of exploited websites. These dumps are then posted online by hackers onto popular "paste sharing" sites.

Set it and Forget It!

Just give your email address and walk away, your job is done! Whenever, be it today or a year from today, whenever your password is compromised you'll know.

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