The inspiration for this project was the fact that yesterday when trying to create a discord account discord told me my password was not good enough. I was told by my friends the also had the same problem

What it does

It generates a password. You get to chose if you want numbers and if you want special characters.

How I built it

I first did the basic setup for an HTML website. Next, I created a text box where you input the length of your password. I then created the checkboxes for special characters and/or numbers. Finally, I created the generate password button and where the generated password would be printed.

Challenges I ran into

The single largest problem I ran into was when I use a label to display the password and if the password contains < symbol HTML would cut off the rest of the password, so I figured out I had to use the input to display the generated Password.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

That I figured out why it was not working with the debug [console.log] where it showed it generated a 12 character password but only printed a 4 character one.

What I learned

That when using the < symbols make sure to use input

What's next for Password generator

If it is received with enough positive feedback I would consider making it a google website.

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