With all virtual learning, schooling, and other virtual activities, maintaining a safe online presence is of utmost priority. My password encrypted can help achieve these goals.

What it does

It uses a Caesar cypher to encrypt an input (which would ideally be a password, but it can be a String of any length honestly).

How we built it

I used the ord() and the car() classes and functions to help me encrypt and decrypt. These are the two main functions in in python for ascii. They can get a character from a number or a number from a character. Ascii is a numbering system it already exists so it is a great starting point for the encryption.

Challenges we ran into

I was having trouble calling the function. It kept giving me a type error. This is because when I called the function using inputs from the user, the encryption key was a string, not an int. I casted it and the issue was resolved.

Built With

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