One password locking your account isn't always the most secure. We wanted to develop a new, unique way to add an extra layer of authentication to your online profiles. Something like a "secret handshake" is what we came up with.

What it does

PassShake allows you to create a sequence of gestures, using one or both hands, to log you in to an account. You can create a new pass shake as well as test out an existing pass shake in our prototype.

How we built it

Using Leap Motion to detect hand positions, we created an algorithm that detects specific hand gestures and compares them. We developed the application using Unity and Visual Studio with C#. We also used SourceTree with GitHub for source control.

Challenges we ran into

There were various new technologies we all had to learn in order to develop the project. None of us had any experience with Unity, and most of us hadn't touched C# before. Also, learning to integrate Leap Motion into Unity took a lot of work.

What we learned

We learned how to use Unity, Leap Motion, and C#.

What's next for PassShake

Next, we hope to develop the project beyond its prototype phase. Instead of just a proof of concept, we hope to expand it to work with online accounts, possibly by making it a chrome extension or web app. We could also improve the UI of the project; currently it is very rudimentary.

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