Currently confidential documents like id-proofs, bonafide certificates, gradesheets go into third-party providers who store the documents. This increases the chances of personal data becoming vulnerable to privacy intrusion. We aim to provide a platform for students to upload their IDs, bonafides, and gradesheets on the blockchain via the decentralized IPFS technology. Also the admission process of applying to various institutes is also very tedious so we wanted to create a go-to platform for that

What it does

"passport-ed" acts as a common medium between students and multiple universities so students can provide access to the universities they want to apply with just one click. passport-ed makes digital privacy accessible by utilizing the power of blockchain. Students can upload their which can only be accessed by them and the institutes they want. No one else can access it

How we built it

We built the smart contracts using solidity and hosted them on celo network and used react for the front-end

Challenges we ran into

We ran into various challenges like authenticating the user using smart contract which we solved by using a mapping in our smart contract and we also faced some issues in getting and managing data from the blockchain into our frontend so we used redux

What we learned

We learn various things like uploading documents/images on ipfs, using redux for state management

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