When applying or renewing our passport, we don't have a chance to get our payment back when our application have been rejected or if we cancel our application appointment due to unexpected events. This is mainly because most passport application system used by most government agency doesn't have the capability to do it automatically.

What it does

The passport application smart contract tracks the applicant status about his/her application appointment and holds the applicant's payment until the application is either approved or rejected by the passport government agency or cancel by the applicant itself.

How I built it

The submission have two projects, the web app (applicant and passport agency portal) and passport application smart contract. The web app was developed using ASP.NET MVC, Azure SQL Database, and has intergration with Stratis Cirrus API. The passport application smart contract was developed using Stratis.SmartContracts nuget package.

Challenges I ran into

Some of the challenges I have been ran into was sometimes the Cirrus Hackathon doesn't mine the block when I have new transaction. Also, I wasn't able to test it on a testnet that is deployed on the cloud.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It was my first time to join a hackathon that has some involvement with blockchain. And integrate my application on Stratis Cirrus API has gave me so much confident to explore more about blockchain.

What I learned

Before this Hackathon, I don't have any concrete idea about blockchain. Because of this hackathon, I have learned so many things about Blockchain and Stratis. It gave me a great headstart as I love to continue to explore Blockchain technology and also what stratis could offer to us in the near future.

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