Passover with Alexa

My submission for the Hack Over Passover hackathon. The theme was how technology can enhance the way groups of people tell stories, and I decided to focus on the Passover Seder.

The problem

The Rabbis teach that we need to make sure the kids are asking questions during the Seder so that we can tell them the story about how the Jews left Egypt. Chances are though, they've already heard all of this multiple times in previous years and school, so why would they want to ask the same questions over and over again?

The solution

Passover with Alexa is a "reverse trivia" game where the kids need to be the ones to ask Alexa the question first. Alexa looks up the question in its database, and responds with either a single possible answer or four. The kid must then tell Alexa if either the single answer was correct, or which of the four answers was the correct one. If the kid gets it right, they get points, and whoever has the most points at the end of the Seder wins!

What was implemented

My program is based off the Reindeer Games quiz in the Alexa samples repository. The hackathon only lasted twelve hours (with about seven total for actual hacking), so my submission stopped at getting Alexa to respond to any of the questions in her database with one or more answers, and tell the user if their final answer is correct. Keeping track of players' names and scores would require adding a database, which shouldn't be too much work but wasn't a priority for what I wanted to show. Questions that aren't in her database could also be looked up with Google in the future.

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