Our inspiration grew from our personal experiences from middle school, being able to relate to how careers seemed out of our reach and a little abstract. We wanted to find a way to bridge the gap between what kids are learning and what they want to do when they grow up.

How it works

Pomelo is a platform that connects students, teachers, and parents with the career pursuits and interests of the students, by integrating with existing educational management systems, such as Blackboard. By leading the students through an update-able, interactive and quirky game, their personalities and strong suits can be gauged, allowing Pomelo to suggest potential career paths tailored to each student. Teachers and parents can then track their interests and recommend subsequent curricula to direct students in their preferred direction area of study.

Challenges I ran into

Challenges we faced include creating images and manifesting ideas from scratch without prior experience, and being able to write code that represents our vastly complex and intricate ideas. Many of our initial ideas were difficult to do with such a time constraint, and subsequently many facets of the original idea were cut.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud of the ideation process resulting in our carefully deliberated design, which appeals to all populations of interest as well as being able to integrate into current academic management systems. We did not jump straight into coding, and took on the roles of devil's advocate to assure the balance of ideas and execution. We are also proud of our integration of multiple technological frameworks, such as Ionic Framework and Typeform.

What I learned

We learned the importance of front end development as it relates to molding a pleasant user experience for our target populations. We learned the importance of articulation in communication to work more effectively under tight constraints. We also became more familiar with different languages and frameworks that helped develop our technical experiences and problem solving abilities.

What's next for Pomelo?

With more time and thorough thought, Pomelo can be applied as a better supplement to learning. For example, using a database that stores different school curriculum information, Teachers will then be able to recommend online ans see it visually which courses students are advised to take in upcoming years, mapping out a path or plan for their career of interest. Pomelo can also transform into an interactive resource for students interested in extra-ordinary work, such as engaging in learning code and exploring in-depth into various fields. Pomelo can also aid in students' experiences with the Thinkabit Lab, as they are creating and engaging in hardware and software alike.

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