After seeing a video of dunkin donuts employees throwing out full trays of donuts at the end of the day, we decided we had had enough, and we sought out to do what we could to stop things like this from happening.

What it does

This program allows organizations like shelters and food banks, to view a map full of pinpoints all representing donations by businesses that are to be picked up at that pinpoint at the end of the day.

How we built it

The platform exists as both an iOS app and website, the website being built using standard css, php, and html, and the iOS app being built using swift. The data and info are all stored in a firebase database, and the image processing utilized a tenser flow algorithm we trained ourselves.

Challenges we ran into

Great amount of difficulty with uploading and formatting data into firebase.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-fully functioning, live updating firebase database -no local processing, all image recognition/machine learning executed in the cloud

What we learned

We learned a great variety of things, the most significant being the process of linking our database to the cloud and running all operations on a non-local computer in order to allow for much more scalability.

What's next for Passionfruit v2.0

There is a ways to go before passionfruit can be sent into the world in order to let it do what we want it to. We do plan on adding many more minuscule but significant detail like more enticing GUI's, better input validation, and implementation of a review system to allow for more expectable results.

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