There's a lot of content out on the internet and fast ways to search through it for specific information. Yet, there's so few ways to sort it based on just how you're actually feeling. Passion Board brings you content you're always in the mood for, literally.

How it's built

The front end is built with Vue.js. The back end is our own internal API with the routing handled by Flask. We needed to connect our routes to several other APIs for fetching data before we processed it, like for Reddit and Azure. Python is used for natural language processing to determine the emotion of sites and articles.


It was our first time using Vue.js, as well as Flask. We also tried using OpenCV for facial expression recognition to determine your emotion, but there were many compatibility issues getting that set up in our environments.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We got our idea functioning! The dashboard lets you actually deliver different content based on your emotion which is really awesome!

What we learned

A lot about Flask, Vue.js, and even a bit about OpenCV.

What's next for Passion Board

Bringing in OpenCV for facial recognition is definitely what we'd do if we had more time. There's also a lot more widgets to add and make customizable. We want the dashboard to really feel like it's yours.

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