We notice people register various accounts for different purposes. It is usually difficult to memorize the ones rarely used, and it is not safe to have the same password for every account. 

What it does

-Users first set up the account that can stores their personal information in the app. -Users can add or delete their personal information -If users forget their passwords, they can find them by using the Forget button

How we built it

-We first brainstormed the design layout for each activity. -We distributed the tasks to each team member -We used Git and GitHub for version control

Challenges we ran into

-Setting up Android Studio -Learning new tools such as Android Studio and GitHub

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

-Managed to complete the core functions of the application under time constraint.

What we learned

-How to develop applications using Android Studio. -How to adjust difficulties of each task as we develop the app in order to cope with time constraints.

What's next for passCache

-Add an edit button to each account information dialog box so. -Tap once to expand the size of the account buttons and tap again to shrink to its normal size. -Able to drag and rearrange the positions of the account buttons

Built With

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