Our inspiration behind this project stems from the ever growing problem of cyber crime and its effects on the world around us. More than 23 million people use "123456" as their password to their account. With that being one of the many simply guessed passwords, secure and randomly generated passwords have never been more needed.

What it does

Our password manager, PassBox, will safely add, store, and even generate secure passwords for all of your accounts across the internet. Our Password generator gives you options for certain requirements like punctuation or capital letters as well as a slider for password length! Passbox keeps all of your information behind a password protected screen so you only need to remember one password of your choice.

How we built it

We used Python functions to store, create, edit, and retrieve text files containing our data as well as PySimpleGUI in order to bring a graphical user interface into our program for ease of use for the user.

Challenges we ran into

This was both of our first times creating an application program that uses a graphical interface but once we figured that out our biggest problems were trying to delete options from our combo-box. We also ran into an issue with our program crashing if certain requirements were not met from the user but that was fixed. Additionally, file permissions/file I/O, using the os module to find files in different folders, and UI design were challenges that we were able to overcome.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I would say we are definitely proud of turning in a working and complete project that really helped challenge us and helped us grow in our field. With only a small bit of programming experience in comparison to others in the competition, we feel we outdid ourselves with what we were able to create.

What we learned

I think the most important concept we learned is linking our graphical user interface with our python project. Working with a GUI within our code really helped with ease and accessibility from the user point of view as well as challenged us with something we had not used before.

What's next for PassBox

Our next steps would be implementing the encryption and decryption phases to work with our project. We have written two separate functions with the processes but with more time, implementing it into the code will make PassBox feel much more complete. After that, figuring out a way for the combo-box to delete entries when wanted would also be beneficial.

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