We wanted to create a new way to discover content, but more importantly, a new way to share your story.

The cool thing about the internet is that it enables us to make connections across huge distances, and because of that, there's always something fascinating about seeing how far your story can travel.

We wanted to create an app that lets you create spontaneously connections with complete strangers.

We were inspired by the unique feeling of talking to someone on Omegle or Chat Roulette, but we were discouraged by the possibility of negativity.

So we created a web app that has a rotation of images that can be freely contributed to and encourages original content.

Every image has a certain "lifespan" and is guaranteed to be seen by a minimum number of people, but the action of "hearting" an image can extend this lifespan.

By doing so, good content is perpetuated, but also serendipitous.

Because of this there's something quite special about sharing a moment, and a discovery, with somebody halfway across the world.

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