One of our team members did a lot of community service growing up and provided us with their experiences with donating food to homeless shelter. In order to educate ourselves on the issue, we watched a couple of videos on the matter, and realised how important it is, despite barely being talked about. Therefore, we decided to make an application which would help us solve food scarcity and reduce food wastage in our local community to begin with.

What it does

Our app connects mechants who regularly dispose of their edible food, to charities and the homeless who have trouble regularly trying to feed the people in need. Through volunteers, we aim to make the bond between local stores and such organisations stronger by helping deliver that food.

How we built it

A mobile app using flutter. Users can register as either a merchant (the organisation that supplies the food), volunteer (one who delivers food) or receiver (one who needs food).

Firebase stores the database for users and the current offers/asks for food. Volunteer can see a map showing where the offers/asks are which uses the google maps api.

Challenges we ran into

Learning flutter Learning firebase Learning python Coming up with the idea Getting the google maps markers to work with custom bitmap images

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Coming up with the idea Getting a good enough prototype (not enough time to add in good looking design)

What we learned

Flutter firebase How to work in a team How to use github How to approach an issue through engineering an app

What's next for Pass It Forward

Design for the home page, search page Adding in points for users who deliver food so they can be recognised in their local communities Reaching out to charities to get them to use the app

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