Why do we need to pass butter?

Rick and Morty of course. To show that we understand all Rick and Morty references, we built butter bot that is far superior than the one Rick has.

Does it actually pass butter?

It passes the butter. JK. It actually an vision controlled automated catapult system that can be applicable for many uses. Although passing butter is the most important purpose we can think of. The butter bot has a small 12x12 inches footprint so that it can be easily implemented at all location. The catapult uses visual input to trace selected aerial target and predict its trajectory to prepare for interception at all 360 degrees azimuth angle and 60 degree zenith angle.

How does it pass butter?

Electronically, the butter bot uses a powerful Nvidia Jetson TX2 to process the input graphics through opencv frame by frame to detect and predict target trajectory. The Jetson signals a Photon micro-controller to control 4 stepper motors and 2 servo motors, in addition to a high torque geared motor. Structurally the butter bot is built with laser cut acrylic, 80/20 framing and precision linear rails. An four stepper motor powered turn table is compost of planetary laser cut gears carefully designed through Solidworks. The catapult carriage is built with a wide range of metal and acrylic materials to integrates two 8mm precision linear rails onto the turntable with altitude adjustment. The latching system is designed to withstand the high tension from the loaded carriage and quickly reload after each shot.

Why is it not passing butter yet?

Through a multitude of signature hackathon problems. -There weren't enough time to manufacture parts in the desired quality. -We couldn't pair the product platforms together. -...... If we live in Dimension C-137, we would like to build a full Solidworks model with better manufacturability, and, before arriving at the competition, have better knowledge on the provided products .

What needs to be done before it can start passing butter?

The micro-controller needs to replaced and re-establish connection with Jetson before it can start passing butter.

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