Reflecting the different cultures of your school community within the school and home environment provides students and families a tangible reminder of the school's commitment to cultural diversity.  More than just being symbolic, it creates an inclusive atmosphere and a sense of shared ownership

What it does

Knowledge and skills that young people acquire during this period influence their pathway into tertiary education, the labour market, and beyond

How we built it

New Zealand’s education system continuously produces innovative new ways to further our current curriculum, while reviewing what is currently in place to ensure that it is contemporary and fits the needs of today’s youth. Learning circles use the real-world issues of the participants as a sort of ‘active case study’ for exploration and action planning. When properly facilitated, Learning Circles create change as well as enable the development of trust, authenticity, and resilience for learners and their whanau (families). 

Challenges we ran into

Covid disrupted the timeframe when implementing milestones 1-3.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The design of what it looks like for local communities, sponsors, and especially learners and their whanau (whanau)

What we learned

Kotahitanga working together provides opportunities for collective impacts.

What's next for Pasifika Navigators

Pasifika Navigators Youth Leadership Mentoring programme provides a cadetship that achieves mana enhancing SOLUTIONS for females and males aged 12 – 14 years. We would like to implement a gamification whanau ora PATH plan that is fun and engaged in learning domains.

Built With

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posted an update

We are currently recruiting 15 whanau ora mentors to provide support for 12-14 years of age. Microsoft teams are used to keep everyone in the team informed about the projects that Pasifika Navigators initiate and most of all it is affordable for our users and their families.

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posted an update

Pasifika Navigators Project Lead is looking for 35 laptops and digital equipment for the youth mentors and coaches. Possibly looking for the best Microsoft packages as this team of coaches and mentors are going to make an impact on at least 500 students learning journeys.

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posted an update

An update on Pasifika Navigators we are currently with the National government working in partnership with Te Wananga O Aotearoa Maori University whose values empower cultural practices and support for Pasifika learners.

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