Many of the applications used in school to learn math are often unintuitive and clunky. Inspired by this, we wanted to create a program that could be used to more easily learn.

What It Does

Pascal is a math application meant to be a resource for students all around the world to self-study math, get help with questions, and challenge themselves. There are video lectures and tutorials that students can watch to improve their mathematical knowledge.

How We Built It

This application was built with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Pug. Additionally, the frameworks node.js, express.js, and bootstrap were also used. We did all programming in Visual Studio Code.

Challenges We Ran Into

While constructing Pascal, we did experience some challenges that, with collaboration, teamwork, and motivation, we were able to overcome. Unfortunately, we realized early on node.js did not provide all the functionality we were hoping for, so we also used express.js. For some this was their first hackathon, so it was a big step that we dealt with well.

Accomplishments That We're Proud of

We're proud of the hard work we've put in creating Pascal. This was a valuable experience for us, and we're glad we were able to create something unique.

What We learned

We learned a lot about the value of communication and furthered our programming knowledge in general. We also learned about dealing with strict deadlines and how to make interesting educational content. In taking on this project, we also learned Node.js, Express.js, Pug, Bootstrap, and how we can implement Google Cloud and OAuth in a website.

What's Next for Pascal

We intend to add further functionality to Pascal, as well as increase the outreach this application has. We also want to increase the accessibility this app has for some students that have additional needs.

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