We have always wanted to strengthen the bond between our family members, but - as you might know - phones have been occupying more and more of our attention. As a result, we decided to utilize this addiction to phones to connect our families.

What it does

You can create a chat room or join a chat room when you first visit the website. When you first join the chat app, the web app asks for your name and notifies everyone else that you have joined. While you're messaging, there is an autocomplete based on what you have previously messaged.

How I built it

I built this using on an express server and glitch.

Challenges I ran into

Adding chat rooms was a difficult but essential feature that took a lot of time. Since the website was loading the chat first, it didn't work for a while. I had to also change the web app to work from a local port on my computer to an express server, so different computers can connect.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The challenges that I ran into, changing the app to work on a public express server and adding chat rooms, are the accomplishments that I'm proud of!

What I learned

I learned about public and private IPs as well as about routers and how they react to different requests. I also learned more about glitch, which is a tool that helps you create apps.

What's next for Parzival's Chat App

Some future plans include creating calendars and adding an image post board for family members to share photos as if it were social media.

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