we believe fighting for the cause of mother nature is our duty and that in itself is a bigger motivation to contribute in any way possible.

What it does

Basically, our app is an amalgamation of infotainment, justice, and automation.


1. Articles

This feature displays news and articles related to climate change, global warming, etc for users to get insights. I the backend an article scrapper and summarise works to scrap articles and news from reputed news agencies based on keywords related to climate.

2. Lodge Complaint

Through this feature, a user can register a complaint related to any malpractice in the environment, and based on the location of the user the complaint will be forwarded to the concerned local authority and speedy justice can be ensured.

3. Take A quiz

Fun and easy way of learning about mother nature for various age groups. Do check it out!!!

4. Analytics and Machine learning

Under development, check out the pitch video and apk file for more info.

More info on the features can be checked out in the video demonstration(link below) and the drive link to download the apk file is also given below. Do check it out for more clarity.

How we built it

Built with Python, Firebase, and Flutter

What's next for PARYAVARAN

1.Integrating the machine learning algorithms with the application

  1. open sourcing the application
  2. commercial release.
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