There are many problems we deal with while enjoying music in a social gathering. Most of the time it is a friend who thinks their music taste is better than ours and refuses to let us play the music of our choice. Parties, gatherings and road-trips can get boring when you have no say in the next song. These problems gave us with the desire to make our parties, road trips and study sessions more interactive and democratic. PartyUp is a roulette-style queue where you search and vote each round for songs you want to hear. Bring music back to the people

What it does

PartyUp is a webapp that brings people together through a live queue (like a radio) where party people can vote for the songs they want to hear or queue up a good song for a good time.

How we built it

-FrontEnd: React.js -BackEnd: node.js -DataBase: PostgreSQL

Challenges we ran into

-developing the front end (for the newbies) -creating a live queue

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-Completing the project

What we learned

-How to test frontend and backend code -How to use reactjs for web dev and other libraries -using Spotify's API and sendings requests

What's next for PartyUp

-Bringing it to mobile devices through apps -Using the data to find out which songs are trending

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