What is it? Partysmart is a party registration web application that allows off campus students to register their parties with Off Campus Student Services (OCSS). Once a party is registered, neighbors within a quarter mile radius of that party can then go to our site, and our site will automatically show them the addresses of the parties around them and allow them to send a warning message to the party’s host to be quiet. This is great for both the neighbor and the host, because a lot of the time the neighbor doesn’t actually want to have to call the police, but really doesn’t have any other way to quiet the party. The host benefits both by being supplied with water and toilet paper, and by being warned before the police are called.

How does it work? Party smart is a very simple application, because we wanted to incentivize users by making it very fast and easy to use, asking for the absolute minimum information required. The site is intended for two different types of users: host and neighbor

As a host, you register your party by going to the Register Party page. You put in the time, location, and contact information for your party. The number you listed will then receive a text confirming that your party has been registered, and you will be receiving toilet paper and water shortly.

As a neighbor, you go to the File A Complaint page. The site will automatically get your location data, and list to you all of the parties that have been registered within a quarter mile distance. You can then click on any one of those parties, and it will send your message (or a generic message) to the host of the party, warning them to calm the party down.

Why we chose the project: We chose this project because the idea of creating something that the university can use to help students excites us, and was a very good opportunity to really create something amazing that we can show to our friends and family, and even future potential employers.

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