Party Registration at college campuses right now is a tedious process, students are required to physically go to some department just so they can register their party which is why most students don't do it. We wanted to create an app that solves this, students can verify their status using their .edu emails at their campuses to prove that they're students.

There is also no standard protocol for party registration at campuses since each campus requires different things from their students, by asking student for the same information (name,address of party,etc..) we make this application very scalable.

What It Does

Students use this to register their parties, college campuses can use this to keep track of all the parties occurring and to ensure everyone's safety. Other students can also find registered parties and RSVP.

How We Built It

Our team used NodeJS.Ngrok (server side) as well as Javascript as the primary language, we used HTML/CSS to create the front end and we integrated the Typeform API into our project.

Challenges We Ran Into

  • Linking mongoDB with typeform
  • Retrieving data from our databases and displaying it on our HTML Page.
  • Restricting features we wanted to add due to the time constraint

Accomplishments That We Are Proud Of

  • Successfully logging data into our database using typeforms
  • Hosting our HTML pages and having them redirect properly
  • Implementing a minimalist design to keep the user experience simple and to the point
  • Working as a team to solve issues

What We Learned

  • Greater understanding of databases
  • Additional experience in HTML/CSS, Javascript, NodeJS, and React

What's Next For PartyLink

Has potential to include APIs for some features. We originally wanted to include a map pin pointing all on/off campus student parties and also to add Snapchat Bitmoji integration but time was limited. There is also lots of room to expand communications with users of the application and their Universities.

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