Why build a personal website when you can build a squad website?

What it does

Our website helps the Hacks team keep track of each other as we get older and is a gathering place for everyone to meet up and communicate with each other.

How we built it


Challenges we ran into

not knowing any of this stack -Allison
background images are challenging in react, because you have to set height to 100% or it defaults to 0%/nothing
vertically centering divs

We wrote this website from scratch - no templates, only pain :')

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The about us page looks pretty cool
The doodles are fun, especially the "surfing the web" guy

What we learned


What's next for partylaughtry

Some of the stretch goals we had for this were:

  1. Loading circle while images are being fetched from database (see )
  2. Easter egg: background image full of sadge irises
  3. Homepage pictures move slightly as mouse moves around
  4. Fancy cursor for meme page
  5. Light/dark theme
  6. Round corners of home page text
  7. Fix bug with centering on iOS

Built With

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