We are university students. It is only trivial to conclude that we are searching for parties all the time! The problem with this life is that you always miss on all the cool events that are happening around you! This is why we built this app. to study hard and party even harder!

What it does

While walking in Montreal downtown this app would give you a quick preview of events happening near you! It also would show the event time span and the number of people attending using live feed monitoring. (So you can get an idea of how good an event is). This way you will never miss out on parties in the neighborhood.

How I built it

We started working on the backend using the java spring framework. Its robustness allowed us to save much time therefore, we jumped into doing the frontend and getting a full restful API.

Challenges I ran into

We had some issues when connecting the front end with the back end. Also, at some point, we had to call a PHP code that calls a java code which in turn execute a python executable. That was awesome!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud of the current status of the app and we realize that there is much space for improvement on it. It could turn to be a successful startup.

What I learned

Never give up! Always have fun. Hack it till you crack it.

What's next for PartyBnB

We have some features in mind and with the help of clouding platforms such as azure/ we will get it up and run. Also, the app requires Android and iOS applications.

Cheers :)

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