We were inspired to create PartyAt from the mass confusion among friends about where everyone was during a night as well as what was going on at each of the Princeton specific eating clubs.

What it does

The PartyAt App makes it easier for Princeton Students to find out in real time which eating clubs are particularly eventful or fitting for them by using an upvote/downvote rating system that deletes votes after a set time. Each eating club is ordered and displayed with a net vote rating, and a quick tap reveals even more details (such as mode of entry, music, themes) at that current time. This will conveniently allow students to immediately assess which clubs are worth going to.

PartyAt is different from other rating apps by using a system that deletes an upvote/downvote after enough time has passed for it to become irrelevant. It also uses a location based tracker that ensures upvotes/downvotes are only from people within the respective eating club. Together, this enables an accurate real time system for users to evaluate the present state of an eating club and decide whether or not to stop by.

What's next for PartyAt

In the future, PartyAt can further provide data on vote trends, connect with Facebook to view where your friends are, and even be expanded beyond Princeton's campus.

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