We wanted to make an app that makes it easy for people in group settings to be able to give input as to what music they want played at an event

What it does

Users can send a text message, containing a song name, to a number that is provided by the app to queue up their song of choice to a Spotify playlist currently playing.

How we built it

We use Microsoft Azure as the cloud service to host our app. Twilio API is used to send message between phones and my server. The message will then be parsed to extract song name, which will be used in Spotify API to play track. We used Node.js as our server-side language and HTML, CSS, Javascript as the client-side.

Challenges we ran into

Our original idea was to use to dynamically update playlist, but the installation didn't turn out well. So we instead use a refresh button to update playlist.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Proud that we got everything working at the end.

What we learned

I (Phong) improved skills and knowledge in terms of back-end development and using APIs. I (Shane) increased my front-end programming skills.

What's next for Party123

  • Dynamic playlist update
  • Better UI
  • Provide different phone number
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