We were inspired to build Party-Up based on our experiences, as students, of going on road trips with friends, and wondering if there was a technology that could amplify that experience.

What It Does

Party-Up allows you to build groups with people you know to share real-time information when you drive together. Instantly see where your friends are and what's their ETA to arriving at your destination.

How We Built It

We developed Party-Up with PHP and Laravel, hosted on Amazon Web Services, using a custon built SQL Server Lite database. The primary technology our app utilized was the Mojio connected car platform. We utilized the Mojio platform to simulate receiving real-time information from vehicles, that we plotted using Google Maps on our app.

Challenges We Ran Into

Building a backend from scratch is difficult for 24 hours, especially when integrating with multiple services.

Accomplishments That We're proud of

We are proud to have utilized Mojio's platform for harnessing real-time information to build an app that we believe can make driving with people you know even better!

What We learned

We learned a lot about setting up environments and building apps that integrate with multiple services!

What's Next For Party-Up

We are excited to extend the knowledge we gained about building backend systems, and utilize the Mojio platform for future projects!

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