It's Christmas. That means parties, gifts, and the works. Difficult to plan all by yourself. Yes. Difficult to plan with a group of friends. Definitely - yes. Between large group chats on WhatsApp that everyone mutes after the first 10 minutes, and the tangents that are gone off to on Facebook discussions - planning a party with your friends is basically impossible. Enter _ Party Time _ ! The organizer that helps you get the logistics of the party planned quickly so you can focus on getting prepared and having fun instead of waiting till the last minute and panicking.

Party time allows for a user to create an event, and plan their party based on three key areas. The entertainment, the food, and the decorations. The user chooses options that are provided in each of these three categories, and once satisfied with the relevant choices, a personalized invite can be sent to friends. The invite is attached with a poll with the choices the event creator has provided. The app stores the results of each of the invites anonymously (so if the guest _ really _ wants to vote for the hula dancing - they can, in confidence), and provides the final poll results to the event planner. And voila - you can skip the 100s of messages and get on with delegating tasks and planning out your epic party. Tasks can be delegated through the app as well!

The app is made with html5, css3, javascript, and bootstrap. Starting off with the index page, we had created a very simple design. However, that changed about half way through. With a complete redesign, we added new tools and concepts for the user to be able to use.

We focused on the design too much, and by the time we were going to introduce a backend component, it was too late! Something to work on in the coming future!

The concept, and the look and feel of the app so far. And of how much we got done considering there was 2 hours without Wi-Fi for research!

How to use version control with GitHub, and many different css functions.

Next, is building off this project and getting it to where we want it to be. Building out the core functions and learning even more along the way. This could possibly also be turned into an app for the phone!

LOCATION: We are seated on the couches outside of room IC226 (opposite the stairs - or hang a left when you come off the elevators!

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