PartyShots! It’s the ultimate way to turn your Samsung TV into the life of the party.

These days, everyone has a smartphone. Now you can leverage the power of your Samsung TV and these mobile devices to add a new level of interactivity to your party.

It’s simple. 1 Samsung TV + multiple smartphones + PartyShots = The life of the party

The process is simple. You simply:

  1. Start by creating a party on your Samsung TV
  2. Sync your smartphone to your Samsung TV
  3. Snap pictures of your party
  4. Share the pictures on your Samsung TV, and share them on the web

Everyone taking pictures at your party can sync those pictures to your Samsung TV to create a dynamic slideshow. Make sure that your Samsung TV has enough free space around it, because it is going to get crowded!

PartyShots also stores everyone’s pictures, so that they can later be shared over the web.

The PartyShots slideshow is also customizable. You can change the theme of the party for special occasions like birthdays and weddings, add a custom message to the PartyShots sidebar, and your guests can even add captions to the pictures they share.

Right now, PartyShots is packed with features that will take your party from being awesome to legendary. Soon, you’ll be able to have parties on multiple Samsung TVs, resume your parties from previous weeks, and connect with multiple photo sharing sites.

So, there you have it. PartyShots. The ultimate addition to any party. And, the ultimate way to take your Samsung TV to the next level.

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