Sometimes at gatherings or when you are alone you don't know what kind of music to listen. So why not let your emotions decide what music to play?

What it does

It detect emotion based on images containing people's faces and creates a music playlist based on the detected emotions.

How I built it

Detect emotion from an image using Microsoft Emotion api and create a playlist depending on the emotion values using Spotify api

Challenges I ran into

Using the different APIs. Figuring out how to post the image to the Microsoft Emotion API and trying to validate my credentials for Spotify API using spotipy library.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I was able to create something with the time limit. This is my first Hackathon where I have submitted an entry.

What I learned

Spotify API, Microsoft Emotion API. Requests and Spotipy libraries for python

What's next for Party Playlist

Using a combination of different audio features provided by the Spotify web api to assign more similar tracks to the emotion of the crowd

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