Party Pal is a user-friendly mobile page that helps party-goers (especially college students) keep track of their drinking so they don't drive back home if their Blood Alcohol Concentration is too high.

After submitting basic stats (Age, Weight, Gender), Party Pal will allow users to set up custom text messages asking for rides back. These messages will be saved and can be sent later in the night. The idea behind this is that it reduces the temptation to drink and drive if there is an easy method to ask for a ride from a designated driver. Since the messages are prewritten, users will only have to push send.

Users will enter the number of drinks they have drunk by clicking the picture of the drink they just had. Party Pal will then calculate the user's current BAC level and displays it. If the user's BAC is close/above the legal amount, it will display in large letters "DON'T DRIVE!"

At the bottom of the page, Party Pal will also tell the user whether they are buzzed, drunk, close to blackout, or in danger. Also displayed will be a few symptoms the user may soon feel that is associated with their current condition.

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