A cool hat catches peoples' notice, a hat with lighting keeps their attention.

What it does

Integrates a 6 DoF IMU with RGB LEDs to create a fun lighting effect. Depending on how the wearer tilts their head, a different part of the ring of LEDs will lights up.

This project comes with complete PCB design for mass production. Uses Arduino Leonardo clone with LEDs and microphone.

Other things we tried

  1. An Android app that pushes notifications to a Raspberry Pi on the hat. The hat flashes red when the wearer gets an email.

  2. A second ring of LEDs that are sound activated. Volume determines brightness and pitch determines color.

How we built it

Used a library to get IMU data, implemented a moving average filter to reduce noise. Soldered a shield for Arduino Uno to interface with IMU over I2C.

Challenges we ran into

At first tried to use the smaller Arduino Nano but could not find Mini USB cable anywhere. Tried to program it over SPI but it was too difficult and resulted in a short which damaged some LEDs.

Could not filter out ambient noise well enough for music activated LEDs to work.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

That we actually got some things working despite not knowing if we could even participate today.


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