My last birthday party sucked

What it does

Gets the preferences of the attendees and make suggestions across food, music, ambience etc and once the user accepts the suggestion (modified suggestion) it executes it.

How we built it

Assuming access to the spotify playlist of attendees, we created a script that curates a playlist based on the most preferred artists on raspberry pi. We created a custom alexa skill to help execute this (plan the party) with few other functions to manage the party. We made an aws-lambda function to execute actions based on voice commands. A webserver acts as a medium to help the alexa communicate with raspberry pi. The webserver basically listens to http POST and GET requests both from aws-lambda and raspberry pi. Finally, the raspberry pi executes a particular function (closing the door) based on the command received from alexa.

Challenges we ran into

Creating a playlist in spotify with a script was our major challenge. Due to lack of a spotify's api support and knowledge we couldn't get the playlist directly from a spotify user account. So, instead of accessing the playlist we assumed input in plain text and generated a curated data.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

You can plan a party by just asking our alexa app to do so.

What's next for Party Dude

Integrating more services to our Party Dude.

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