While hanging out with friends we came up with an idea on how people can find out where they can go to have fun safely.

Imagine a new area, new town, or the same old. You want to go out with some of your friends, but do not exactly know whats happening in and around town. PartyBuddy will list night life venues in order of searched popularity via twitter, Google Trends and other factors to show you what venues actually are going to be popular that given evening.

That's not all. We also integrated a crowd sourcing algorithm that will take account of "unsafe incidents." Meaning, every time a user reports sexual harassment, stalking etc.. on the popularity would note that there are known "negative incidents" in the area.

Whether you're one person looking for a good time or a group of people looking for a place to hang out, Party Buddy is an app made for and by bar-goers.

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