Part Time demo application

description :

  • some people want to get extra money with their spare time, and some people need to hire someone to do the job for short time.
  • both people don't know how to get job information correctly and engaged more based on their criteria (time & needs).

  • by knowing people spare time, it can matched with employeer job vacancy. and also knowing more about people & employeer by looking their Facebook profile. by doing that can reduce time, cost, energy and know other personality & make assessment for them to decide.

Study Case

  1. students college need add some extra cash to pay his university bill he can do work to get some cash whle attending in university
  2. students collage have much more time holiday (when it's come) while on that and do nothing, it's better to find parttime job to get extra cash

with that :

  • by using this app. he can find easly & more engage partime job that match with his schedule/free time. with that he can get some cash by work to pay his university bill

Other Info

  • real code are in version-1 branch
  • we also create back end but not have much we do. here it is the github

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