Our Inspiration

The threshold for getting into circuits can sometimes be a scary one to cross, but it's shockingly easy to get started if you have some guidance. parts2plans aims to give students the capacity to learn circuits, Arduino, and Raspberry Pi skills with the phone they already use, and the parts they probably already have!

What it does parts2plans do?

parts2plans uses an app with a trained Tensorflow model to detect circuit components from a picture or video. When some components are found, the app will ask the parts2plans' database for an awesome project for the user. Our user (hopefully an enthusiastic student) will be directed to guides for making a project out of the components in the submitted photo.

How we built parts2plans

Well, it all started with 8 components... 1000+ photos later, we began training the Tensorflow object detection model.

After being absolutely awed by the magic of Tensorflow, we created a mariaDB on a Google cloud compute cluster. The database contains the 8 components and as many Arduino and Raspberry Pi projects as a tired Computer Engineer could find that could use those 8 components.

Finally, the product you'll see before you at our demo -- the Android app -- was created in the last minute with "The Final Countdown" playing as loud as possible to help stimulate our tired developer minds.

Challenges we ran into

Abstracting part of the process to the magic of Tensorflow helped reduce the time required to start training because we didn't have to create our own machine learning tools, however, it also made us question what it was even doing, how it was doing it, and what even is life? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We gathered all those photos and for what? An awesome object detection suite, and the ability to flex that we did machine learning all by ourselves.

What we learned

Sometimes more is less, but when it comes to photos for machine learning, more is definitely more.

Just because you have a trained model doesn't mean you can magically use that in an app, there are different requirements for Tensorflow and Tensorflow Lite (the app version of Tensorflow).

What's next for parts2plans

More components, more projects, and an official app, we're off to change the lives of all those who wish to learn circuits! (https://i.imgflip.com/2wtjho.jpg)

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