I love to travel. The emergence of low cost companies has enabled me to visit a large number of destinations at very low prices. I prepare for a trip for a couple of months and at the end that trip didn't meet my expectations. I didn’t get a guide that would make my trip interesting and memorable.

Among many others, I have a relatively small budget compared to the prices in the cities I visit. It’s not all about historical monuments, I want to experience the culture of a place, make new friendships, feel the city nightlife

All of this costs. Tourist guides and groups are boring.

And this is the solution: Playable AR tourist guide. Based on TGG, or Tourist Gaming Guide concept, which gamifies tourism with the help of modern AR technology and an innovative approach. You compete with other tourists and take adventurous quests to win real prizes!!!

Like in parkour, but instead of jumping from building to building, tourists "jumps" between the sights and monuments and interact with them through the application.

So when arriving in a city, the tourist opens the application, approaches the monument and turns on the camera.

Application then recognizes the monument and there, the monument gets live! The adventure with quests starts. Quests are challenging tasks in the form of smaller routes between sights through which he visits historical and cultural monuments that are presented with AR technology.

Upon successfully finishing the quest, the tourist receives a trophy in the form of a QR code that can later be used for a discount or other benefits from our partners (cafes, restaurants, …...). So besides experiencing the spirit of the city they have the opportunity to win valuable prizes.

With push notifications, just in the right time we offer our users good places nearby for having fun, the best local food and adrenaline adventures. Our clients in this case are various restaurants, cafes, transportes, agencies who offer services to tourists. They pay for every customer we provide - in CPA model or a fixed compensation agreed upon joining our community.

Our pilot project targeted market is Montenegro with 2.6 million tourists spending 62 euros per day on average in 2019. In the following years we are looking for partners to contribute to our cause and make this region more attractive and digital. We know that situation isn’t the same. So, Partour solves several significant problems especially in today COVID-19 situation. This application will allow not only foreign Tourists to feel the culture and history of a city in the best way but also provide local tourists a different experience of their own country. On the other hand - local and foreign tourists will help small businesses to survive COVID-19 crisis.

We are a young startup consisting of Aleksa - marketing strategist, Nikola - software engineer and me - data analyst. We have worked hard for the past months for this dream and are proud to announce that Partour prototype is live. So choose us as your personal travel buddy.

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