There is nothing more magical in this world than love. Finding the correct partner to spend our life with could be identified as one of the most challenging things in our life. Being unable to find a suitable partner, in most cases ends up in a divorce. This is especially true in south Asian countries such as Sri Lanka and India where marriages are based a lot on proposals and other facts such as dowry, traditions, etc rather than giving the priority to checking the compatibility between the two partners. This has resulted in a really high divorce rate of around ~700 divorces per day in Sri Lanka and around 1% divorce rate for all the marriages happening in India. We wanted to help solve this major problem by creating a dating app that matches partners based on their personality traits rather than simply matching them based on their outward appearance as done in many modern-day dating apps such as Tinder.

What it does

When a user registers and logs in, they are first asked a set of questions. Each answer for these questions has a number of points allocated to it. At the end of answering the questions, the users with roughly the same number of points are matched and then redirected into a personal chat room where they can start talking and building up their relationship.

How we built it

The front end of the application was built using React JS and react chat engine. We used strapi cms along with nodejs and express js to build our backend. For the database we used MongoDB.

Challenges we ran into

One of the main challenges we ran into while developing the application was to properly implement the chatting system of the application in a small time period. Fortunately one of our team members had experience using a, an SDK for developing chat applications.

In addition, 1 of our members also had little to no experience in React and version control. We had to do 2 brief learning sessions to get him up to date with the development process.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are extremely proud of building a simple and fully functional dating application within a really short time span of 2 days.

What's next for Partner In Magic

  1. Improvements for the personality traits identifying system in place. - Currently, the matching is simply done based on the points the user scores. Implementing a machine learning-based solution in place would allow us to get more accurate matches between users.

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