Centralized social networks like Facebook and Twitter are abusing their power and compromising user privacy.

What it does

Partiko is a decentralized social network built on the Steem blockchain.

How we built it

We built the mobile front-end with Java and Swift for Android and iOS, and to speed up accessing the blockchain data, we built our own backend with nodejs to minimize the payload and speed up the request. We are really proud of the applications we have built, and we look for great blockchain technologies to integrate our backend with.

Challenges we ran into

Accessing the blockchain directly on the phone is very challenging. Therefore we moved the logics to the backend. Nodes have different performances and we're using smart selection algorithm to make sure we get the latest data in the fastest way.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're on the Google Play Store and people love our product. iOS users can sign up for the beta testing program to try it out early: .

What we learned

Blockchain is fun!

What's next for Partiko

Get funding, hire more people and grow the product.

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