Wanted something fun/moderately useful that would also be a good learning experience for my friend (Fergus) (client/server architecture, RESTful APIs, etc.)

What it does

A host (whoever's phone/laptop is plugged into speakers) can sign in via Spotify and share a party link with attendees. The attendees can then search for songs and request them, to be added to the party playlist pending approval by the host.

How we built it

Client side angular app handles user interface, node.js server handles Spotify Authentication and API calls, and conveying song requests from guests to the host.

Challenges we ran into

Still not sure sure why iOS webkit doesn't like div background images. Whatever, Its fine, we didn't want iPhone users to see album art anyway...

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Definitely the most complete/polished hackathon project that I/we've had.

What we learned

Fergus learned how web development works, how the MVC architecture works, etc. Ben learned that Angular2 is still not quite ready for production :^)

What's next for

Improved UI signifiers (submission feedback, etc.) Improved realtime performance Improved song search functionality (pagination, etc.) Add some DJ setup options (seed playlist, seed from genre, share link natively, etc.)

Built With

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