We're all college students who are trying to have the best time we can at parties. Music is the life of the party, and we all agreed that having a DJ blast Friday by Rebecca Black is NOT the definition of a good time (no offense Rebecca). Hence, we devised a simple solution that would solve this ever-so controversial issue: we would create an application that allows party guests to vote for what songs THEY wanted to hear.

What it does

As mentioned above, our web application brings democracy to music by allowing party-goers to join live streaming hubs using a simple link and vote on upcoming songs, all while using an intuitive and sleek interface that is accessible on any phone.

How we built it

For our backend, we used Node.js to integrate the Spotify Web Player SDK and Web API into our application. Additionally, we used Javascript, HTML, and CSS in order to create our front-end, all while using a web framework called Bulma to put the cherry on top. Finally, we used Heroku to host our app on a public domain. Oh, and also a ton of caffeine ;)

Challenges we ran into

A large chunk of our time was spent fiddling with user authentication from the Spotify API, specifically in generating the access and refresh tokens.

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