3 of Hearts


We were inspired to build this application as a result from our own experience. We attended many parties in the past and even though many people put a lot of effort in organising it..there was still mising something. For us, the ability to actually know what music will be played at the party and the possibility to contribute to the playlist is a benefit from both sides. (hosts and participants)

What it does

It gives you the possibility to view, to search and to attend nearby parties and also to see each party's playlist and to be able to contribute to it. We have some extra feature which we think it will be a innovation in this field. We are trying to make the Silent Party(Silent Disco) available to everybody who has a phone, a decent connection to the internet and a pair of headphones. Never been so easy to have your own party without having problems with the neighbours.

How we built it

We have developed two mobile applications (one for iOS and one for Android), the backend which contains all the APIs that are used by the apps and also a website. On member of the team was in duty of the backend and the website, and the other two were responsible for making the mobile applications. Due to the fact that the application is quite complex, we've only reached 75% of the development for the whole product.

Challenges we ran into

During the first hours, we had some time management problems caused mainly by the internet connections. We lost over an hour trying to fix the Wi-Fi connection, so this took a lot of our time and we did not really know how to manage most efficiently this situation. Also, we ran into some concept and design problems just as we started developing our product, but luckily they all disapperead. Now, the WebAPI is stable, the design is based on the latest principles, our product is working and, eventhough it is not a final version, we gave our best during these hours to make a reliable app.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have managed to get 3 applications (2 mobile application and 1 for the web) + a main API which controls all the infrastructure, so we really think that these things are hardly doable in 24 hours. Also, we have managed to make in just 24 hours an application which will be continuously developed, in order to get on the market really fast, so we truly think that these are some of the best things of our progress.

What we learned

During these 24 hours, we really learned a lot of things about how to not manage your time, how to not react under pressure but, the best part, we really bonded our team in just a couple of hours. Also, we have learned how many things we can do in such a short time.

What's next for Partify

Once we have some free time, we will start working again on this product. The developing directions for this app are so various that we must explore each of them and give them a shot. Also, we really believe in this application and we want to make it popular.

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