ParticlePulse is a creative coding experimental art piece. ParticlePulse is built using openFrameworks (C++), and captures audio input from the microphone to generate and modify the behavior of random particles.

Particles have forces of attraction between other particles within a certain distance of them, but their size and area of influence increases as the microphone picks up louder input. The mouse can be used to affect the spin of the particles, and clicking-and-dragging creates a stream of particles. Overall properties of the system can be tweaked using the arrow keys.

A spinning snowflake-like pattern in the background a radial histogram of the audio from the past few seconds of input.

ParticlePulse could be used when listening to music, or performing music, to enhance the audio experience with a corresponding visual dimension.

Because ParticlePulse is built with openFrameworks, it runs nearly-crossplatform. Mac OSX is the main supported platform, but there is a (simplified) iOS app currently working, and in the future Android, Linux, and Windows could all be easily supported.

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