Managing time can be a very difficult endeavor for many students. Many professors provide a tentative syllabus that maps out all course assignments for the semester. It can be a tedious task to map out a schedule based on all syllabi. However, delegating this task to software would be more than ideal.

What it does

The mainline algorithm resides in Android Studio where the user has the choice to take a picture of a syllabus or upload an existing image or document of the syllabus.

How I built it

My team and I collaborated through GitHub throughout the project. We were commiting to different branches and merging them with the master branch when we were satisfied with the changes. We used various libraries to recognize images, i.e., tesseract.

Challenges I ran into

Many of the challenges that we ran into were due to merge conflicts and trying to get the APIs that were used to work with our project and to produce a desirable output.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I have gained experience working with teams, and programming in Java

What I learned

I've learned more about Android app development and working with API's

What's next for Parsyll

We will finish this project as soon as possible. Ideally, the program will be able to recognize all syllabi and parse them to the user's Google Calendar so that they do not have to worry about reading through the syllabi. The app will also notify the user of when assignments are due and when they should start them.

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