We initially wanted to create an Alexa skill using existing Standard Library APIs but soon came across multiple "dead" libraries which were unusable as they predate the restructuring of the companies architecture.

What it does

We created various APIs using Standard Library and it's vast array of APIs to retrieve all "dead" APIs, find out how many private and how many unfinished projects there are on the database.

How we built it

With Standard Library's online API development tool along with Node.js, powering the back end, we created a website which outputs each user and a URL to their library.

Challenges we ran into

Utilizing Standard Libray's proprietary search API to parse through their database and finding quantifiable commonalities among each library proved to be difficult. Additionally, creating an API which could easily be called from a webpage for the first time was also challenging.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our project can apply to various companies who wish to clean up their databases as well as find and data leaks that shouldn't be available easily to the public.

What we learned

Creating our first API we learned how exactly they worked as well as how we could parse through large databases to extract desired data.

What's next for Parse It

Expanding out to other applications and companies to help them further optimize and secure their data and servers.

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