Hello! This is our project Parsable, a website aimed to help those with learning disabilities better comprehend what they’re reading. The way it works is that the user will paste the text that they want to read and voice automation will read it out loud.

We used Python, GitHub, and Figma to create this project. In the future, we would like to make a google chrome extension that can read text on a website and highlight each line as it goes down the page.

Creating notes as the user processes the text they are listening to is another function we would like to add to the website. Writing summaries for each paragraph or idea in the reading will help the user retain information.

Working on the project was a learning experience for all of us! There were definitely times in the hackathon where we were challenged and had to reassess the goals of our project, but we were able to eventually put together a final submission. We found practical applications for things we learned in CS 1301 and CS 1331, which has been great.

Each teammate brought their own unique skills to the project. We had members that were awesome in UI/UX design and others that were better at the programming side of it. Everyone brought their own talents to create this project.

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